What to expect

Initial contact and introductory session

Please contact me if you wish to ask anything about counselling in general, or have any questions about working with me.

If you contact me I will usually respond within 1 or 2 days. If you decide to have an initial exploratory session we will set a date and time for this meeting which will usually be within a few days.

In the first session we can get a sense of whether we would be able to work together. We can explore any questions you may have and think a bit about what has brought you for counselling. Following the session you can take some time to reflect on whether regular sessions would be right for you.

If we decide that we can continue working together, we will then establish a contract for working together that will establish boundaries to support our work together, for example, relating to fees, cancellations and confidentiality.


Confidentiality is very important for our work together. The only circumstances in which I would break confidentiality would be if I believed you or someone else was at risk of harm. I would usually seek to discuss this with you before talking to somebody else who could make a helpful intervention.

As part of my practice and in accordance with the BACP I have regular supervision with another practitioner. These sessions are covered by strict confidentiality guidelines and clients are kept anonymous.


My fee is £45 for the weekly 50 minute session. I offer a couple of sessions a week at low cost, please enquire.


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